Re: [NTLK] Newton and Mac in ad-hoc mode

From: Martin Joseph (
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 10:31:31 PDT

On Jun 22, 2005, at 12:23 AM, Joel Travis Pigdon wrote:

> Hi all.
> I have recently acquired a Avaya Gold, PCMCIA WiFi card to complement
> my existing
> MA401 card. I have a copy of the IOXperts WiFi driver and have been
> using the 401 through my wireless AP
> for a while with great success. Now I want to connect my newton to my
> powerbook directly with the 401 in the PB
> and the Avaya gold my newton 2100, I can connect through the access
> point to the powerbook but I want to do
> an ad-hoc or computer-to-computer connection, the documentation for
> the IOXperts driver is woefull
> I have no idea how to go about this, if anyone has any ideas please
> help me, I have mucked around a bit, but
> with no results,
> any ideas or approaches would be great,

You didn't mention which OS you are running on the powerbook... If you
are running OSX there are 2 potential helpful options.

1) If the card appears as an airport card ( I guess yours doesn't)
then you could use the "allow this computer to create a network" option
from the Network preference pane for airport.

2) You can use the sharing preference pane to designate the Wifi card
as a target for a shared internet connection. Even though the computer
isn't actually connected to the internet, this will allow the Newton
to connect and configure itself via DHCP.

If you are running OS9 or earlier, I suspect you will need additional
software to do the same ( like IPnetrouter).

Everything I said above, would just make it more automatic.

In reality your powerbook can be setup to do this manually. If you
have the Wifi interface on the PB manually configured to a particular
address (say you can then create a manual setup on your
Newton (say and then connect the two.


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