Re: [NTLK] tablet pc

From: JP (
Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 16:19:14 PDT

Hi all.

Been outta commish a bit.

However, a <VERY RELIABLE> source both saw and held one IRL (Sun.
MemDayWknd/US-May 30?ish). Location was WorcesterCenrurm (MA/US) .
Mayor/ChamberCommerce....invite only...about 125 visitors. Official
Apple logo on booth/rep.
More a Palm-like iPDA. SMALL screen compared to Newt. No info on
chipset. Rep indicated intro/maketing within 12-18 mos. No MSRP. Working
device, though. Seems Apple will be looking toward a ITMS business model
across media.

Just FYI.

and count me among admirers of the iMovie re:Newton Reborn. NICE WORK!

See y'all

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