Re: [NTLK] Replacement Speaker

From: Johannes Wolf (
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 07:36:49 PDT

Hi Jake,

I doubt it is the speaker, but nevertheless
on the back of the speaker it reads:
8 Ohms 0.3 W

So any 8 Ohms speaker with min. 0.3W would be fine to do the test.


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> Hi Folks.

> Well after Paul's email with a revision to NewtonIM, I decided to dig my
> newton out of the drawer and rip it completely apart.

> I had scratched the screen a bit (due to dirt under a NuSheild screen
> guard). I am neurotic about scratches (and dead pixels on LCDs) enough
> that one will ruin my day and completly detract from my using the device.

> So I had a better LCD I bought used on ebay. 9/10 quality, some minor
> scratches. I installed it and all is well. It has a brighter backlight,
> too! :) I also put a PocketPCTech's guard on it before installation so it
> should be protected perminantly. They're great screenguards and I use
> them on just about everything.

> However, now I am having sound issues. (ones that I thought I had solved.)
> Sound is muffled and each time a sound is played, it is ended with a
> little click or pop.

> I suspect that the speaker is bad. Easy enough to test-- get at new
> speaker and test it out before disassembling the whole thing to replace.

> Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement speaker? Or at least the
> specs on this speaker? I'm sure a modern mini speaker of the same
> impedence would work just as well, if not better. Any suggestions? J&K
> doesn't have them and nothing currently on eBay.

> If its not the speaker, I may be buying a J&K mainboard next.
> Thanks in advance.
> Jake

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