[NTLK] Free to good home(s)

From: Ted Ramsden (tramsden_at_shaw.ca)
Date: Mon Jun 27 2005 - 10:20:02 PDT

Just cleaned up that back corner of my office closest and found a Bunch of
Older Mac Software.

System Software all on cd-rom:
-Mac OS 7.5 Update 2.0-
-Mac OS 7.6.1
-Mac Performa 5200 & 6400 Series Main Discs
-Mac OS 8.0
-Mac OS 8.1 Update
-Mac OS 8 Disk tools 1 & 2 on Floppies

General Software
-Adobe PageMaker 6.0 for Windows ?? Don't ask me how I got this we only
have Mac's here ???
-Corel Word Perfect V3.5
-Several Interactive Atlas cd's
-Several Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia's
-May Family Heath
And a bunch of Mac addict cd's

If you want any or all of these, I only ask that you cover the postage,
the discs are free to you otherwise !

Let me know


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