[NTLK] (New)Newbie with a (New)Newt

From: Jon Scordia (jscordia_at_mac.com)
Date: Tue Jun 28 2005 - 05:32:31 PDT

Hi list! First i'd like to introduce myself to the list. I'm a fairly experienced Mac user and tweaker, having developed from Mac Classic to using Tiger on a G4 Powerbook and G4 AGP 450MHz networked via airport.

I have been the proud owner for one week so far of a mint boxed Newton 2000, no extras, but a compatible Wifi card is on the way from Gem and I have a stack of Compact Flash cards plus a PCMCIA adaptor I'm hopeful of using.

There are also WinXP boxes in my life and I have successfully installed NCU 1.0 and installed various packages via the PC.

I'm working through the huge array of information and software that's out there, and of course I'm hitting the occasional wall. I have huge expectations and a huge list of queries!

I'll try to take them a step at a time so as not to deluge the list! I appreciate your help.

Here's where I am:

1. Of course it's about handwriting recognition! Got good results, have used Notes, but I'm really surprised that Newtworks can't make use of HWR. What?! Is there any other word processor app out there that will utilise HW recognition? Or a HWR front end that sits over every other app, like my old Psion?

2. Can a notes file be opened in Newtworks or other app? Also I can't seem to export a Notes file or indeed any other file from the Newton to PC via serial connection without getting a "-1" error.

3. Several attempts to install packages have hung via serial connection. Worst of all is my failure to install the kallysis ATA support package. It hangs every time. Any suggestions? I assume this will allow me to use my PCMCIA/Compact Flash combo.

Thats enough for now! Your response and help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks an regards,

Jon Scordia

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