[NTLK] AppleTalk, NTK, OS X?

From: Sean Cross (smcross_at_gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jun 28 2005 - 21:27:17 PDT

I'm running OS 10.4.1, and I'm trying to get an Appletalk connection going.

In order to get NTK to start up, I have installed TCPSerial. When I open N=
"Toolkit Preferences", I get the option to connect via Serial or
Appletalk, but the
only ports that I can select are TCP#1 and TCP#2, both of which I
believe are generated
by TCPSerial.

On the newton, when I say "Other computer...", it pulls up what should be a=
of computers I can connect to. Eventually, the Newton decides to look
for zones,
and the "Change Zone" button pops up. Interestingly, as soon as that
button pops
up, tcpdump shows the following, repeated about once per second:

21:18:13.190403 et1 > at-#105 37
21:18:14.572141 et1 > at-#105 37

However, when I tell NTK to "Connect Inspector", the same tcpdump
shows the following,
repeated only these four times (note my computer is named Rodinia):
21:21:04.956298 et1 > 0.0.nis: nbp-lkup 7: "Rodinia:NTPLives=
21:21:05.758772 et1 > 0.0.nis: nbp-lkup 7: "Rodinia:NTPLives=
21:21:04.956298 et1 > 0.0.nis: nbp-lkup 7: "Rodinia:NTPLives=
21:21:05.758772 et1 > 0.0.nis: nbp-lkup 7: "Rodinia:NTPLives=

Unfortunately, I cannot open up the Appletalk control panel, so I
cannot check to see
what Appletalk is set to. Chooser says that Appletalk is enabled, and
System Preferences
shows that Appletalk is enabled on my ethernet port. atlookup shows
the following,
which leads me to believe that it's definitely speaking Appletalk at some l=
Rodinia:~ smc$ atlookup
Found 2 entries in zone *
ffb7.d4.80 Rodinia:Darwin
ffb7.d4.81 Rodinia:AFPServer

I have gotten it to work under this setup before. The only
difference, I think, is that
now I'm running 10.4, and I'm using a 2100 with an SER-001, rather than an
eMate with built in serial port.

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