[NTLK] RE : Newby problems

From: Andreas Nijenhuis (Andreas.nijenhuis_at_laposte.net)
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 01:32:45 PDT

Hello Michael,

Welcome on the Newton !

Dashboard is nice indeed, and is stil available. Take a look at http://
www.fivespeed.com/. The people at FiveSpeed were very nice and reactive.
Dashboard now only costs 25 USD. I bought WakeUp Call, too, and they
charged me a special 'bundle' price. Just ask wether the would do this
again, if you're interested.

Concerning the AirPort card : this page is very helpful : <http://
www.kallisys.com/newton/morewifi/en> You'll find the resources, and a
list of compatible cards.

Hiroshi, a Japanese Newton programmer, made a driver, enabling WEP
encoding and all for the Newton. His site is named at the Kallisys page I
mentionned before.

My Newton connects fine to my AirPort base; no reason it wouldn't at your

Hope this helps !

Andreas (Grenoble, Fr)

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