Re: [NTLK] Before The Newton Community Fades

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 09:22:57 PDT

Laurent Daudelin wrote:
>>>For example, I tried to get to This Old Newton yesterday and it didn't
>>>work. The site appears to be down.
>>Rich is battling both a lack of time due to his job and a change of
>>hosting services. He'll be back.
> I took a little break and recently came back to see what was going on.
> Besides you and a few others, what other regulars do you know to still
> subscribe (and sometimes post) to the list? For example, I haven't read
> anything from Robert Benschop or Paul Guyot or Victor Rehorst since I
> started monitoring NewtonTalk again a couple of weeks ago.
> Just wondering who is still onboard...

Wow, you're right, I actually wrote less than 25 posts/month for the first
time last month.

I am battling some big and new pressures and deadlines at work in the last few
months - new position, more responsibility, more pressure, you know. Dealing
with more than a few personal and family problems during this time as well,
but I'm glad to report that these should be over...

I'm sure not going to shut down the list anytime soon.

I must admit though that I've been smitten by a piece of hardware that I
haven't even held in my hands yet, on the other hand I still carry my 2100
around and use it every day. (Though today it's really not behaving, and that
worries me...) Also I'll soon be keeping a Newton in the car to track our gas
mileage with GeekGas.

I'm still testing the Linux-x86 build of Einstein for Paul, not to mention
casually poking him every now and then so he doesn't forget about it :)

However, I think I will be getting rid of a few of my accessories soon, and
also giving away some stuff that people have sent me over the years (I don't
want to profit from people's generosity).

Now, if only I can get GeekGas installed on this flippin' 120/2.0 (with a dead
serial port) already!

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