[NTLK] Just saying Hi

From: Tim Earp (tim_at_timswebsite.net)
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 10:03:12 PDT

I joined this list a few weeks ago and don't really do much posting, as you can probably tell. I do read the postings and am very happy the Newton community is alive and kicking.
I first had a Newton back in in the day when they were still alive and *loved* it. My office supplied the unit to me. Since leaving that employer I have aquired a 110 and now currently a 120 with OS 2. Maybe some day I'll move into the ranks of the "power" users with their 2000 and 2100's but for now I'm content with my 120. I don't even really use it that much except to play a couple games on. I just like collecting old Apple hardware. On a side note, my prize possesion is an old 1400c PowerBook that has been "hot-rodded" with a G3 processor, bigger HD and maxxed RAM. It has a wireless pcmcia card which I use to this day for very satisfactory web usage. Maybe someday I'll try browsing with my Newton (?).

I don't really have anything to add or ask, Newton-wise...just wanted to say hi from Iowa.

Tim Earp

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