Re: [NTLK] Before The Newton Community Fades

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Wed Jun 29 2005 - 14:21:44 PDT

Le 30 juin 05 =E0 03:11, Daniel Padilla a =E9crit :

>> I'm still testing the Linux-x86 build of Einstein for Paul, not to =20=

>> mention
>> casually poking him every now and then so he doesn't forget about =20
>> it :)
> Hey, I'd love to test that too! Paul?

Well, it works. It's all I needed to know :)
Next release (due before 7/7) will include a linux/x86 binary.

For the moment, I've been working in two directions. First, I've did =20
some tests and coded for the Relativity project. Second, I have been =20
thinking about how to process interruptions in a way that would avoid =20=

a test of a boolean between every instruction. This is critical for =20
native code emulation on linux/arm.

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