[NTLK] New Newton Book with link this time

From: Tony Kan (tony.kan_at_clear.net.nz)
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 03:14:45 PDT


 DJV tells me that this book has just been uploaded. Enjoy:

 Title: Dostoyevsky, F. Crime and Punishment.
 Format: MP2x00 portrait

 Blurb: One of the most famous novels in world literature,
 Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment from 1866 is a harrowing tale
 about one man’s attempt to escape the implications of a single
 dire act of murder. Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov - known as
 Rodya - is a handsome young student who, in an attempt to save
 his sister Dounia from marrying just to provide for him, kills a
 slovenly sixty-year old pawnbroker with a porter’s axe. During
 the killing her sister Lizaveta enters and he murders her too,
 burying the spoils. The story follows Rodya as he tries to elude
 detection at a police summons (he faints) and while another man,
 Nikolay the painter, is accused. Various other characters come
 into the equation such as Rodya’s student friend Razumihin who
 fears his mental collapse and Zametov the police clerk who is
 suspicious of the fainting incident. Episodes that follow include
 Rodya’s return to the department of investigation under Porfiry
 Petrovitch who tries to trap him psychologically and later
 lectures him pertinently on the criminal mind. We fear for Rodya
 and his untenable situation especially after his family receives
 something of a small fortune from Svidrigailov. Into this melee
 of strange circumstances comes Sonia - a pale girl from the
 streets - to whom Rodya confesses his crime. It is then a
 question of whether he should give himself up and if Dounia will
 forgive his act of foolishness. The path of Rodya’s life leads
 through these adventures to an acceptance of religion over


 Tony Kan

 New Zealand

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