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From: Jon Glass (
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 06:01:58 PDT

On Jun 29, 2005, at 11:26 PM, Saul Rosenbaum wrote:

> I happen to have an Asante Appletalk to ethernet bridge that I use to
> use to let my old laserprinter (non-ethernet) function on my ethernet
> network, or perhaps -- something like
> (although I might just
> resurrect my beige g3 before I spend 60 bucks..
I presume your G3 is running an older version of the Mac OS, so this=20
would probably be your best bet. The MP100 is running the very old=20
Newton OS, which requires a separate application to sync with the=20
desktop, called Newton Connection Kit. The advantage of it is that all=20=

the Newton data is kept in this application. the disadvantage is that=20
all the Newton data is kept in this application, so it doesn't make a=20
good desktop app for keeping track of contacts and schedules. However,=20=

for doing what you are doing, I think it will work great for putting=20
your names on your Newton. You want to export your names from your=20
laptop in tab-delimited format, and then import them into your Newton=20
Connection Kit. (I never had any problems doing this) and then sync=20
that with your Newton. Todos may be a bit more of a problem, and I=20
suggest simply using your Newton as a paper "todo" list, and not=20
bothering to synch. Years ago, I was using Now Up to Date, and decided=20=

to use my Newton as my main tool for dates, and was very happy with=20
that decision. The only thing that went into Now was my appointments.=20
My todos and calls went into my Newton running Action Names, and it=20
worked great! This, btw, was a Newton 120, running Newton OS 1.3, which=20=

is the same generation as your MP100, so it is possible.

One bit of warning, think of your Newton as a data bucket... You put=20
the names into it, but you can't get them back out. Actually, you can,=20=

but it's a bit more complicated. Here is how I tried it. I created a=20
folder in my Newton Names file, called "new" and when I created a new=20
name, I put it right away into this folder. When I synched with NCK, I=20=

would then export my New folder to a tab-delimited file, and import=20
those into my desktop program. It wasn't perfect, but it seemed to work=20=

ok. I also had a folder named "changed" for names I had changed=20
information in (new phone number, address change, etc.) and would=20
manually update those names in my desktop program.

The funny part of all the above is that when I was doing this on my 1.3=20=

Newton, I went from using a Hypercard stack, to Claris Organizer, to=20
Now Contact/Up to Date on my desktop. NCK, while more indirect than the=20=

later Newton Connection Utilities, in the end, was more flexible and=20
functional. You will see what I'm talking about when you actually start=20=

using NCK.

I sure hope the above helped!
-Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland

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