[NTLK] Setting up a MessagePad2000, the next challenge...

From: Jon Scordia (jscordia_at_mac.com)
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 10:36:07 PDT


Firstly thanks to everyone who responded to my last (first) query to the list, and to everyone else. A week on this list, finding links to some great websites, scanning the list archive and I'm already well up the learning curve!!

So I now have Newton Connection Utilities speaking reasonably consistently to the Newton. CPUkiller has done the trick and packages that previously hung are now successfully installed.

However I have downloaded several of the packages that you recommended on two different WinXP machines (not tried OSX yet), unzipped them and tried to install them. More often than not, on either machine I get the following message:

'"xxx.pkg" cannot be installed. It does not appear to be a package.'

Oh yes it does!

Your insight would be greatly appreciated.



p.s. both WinXP machines were upgraded to the latest service pack...then this started happening. A coincidence?

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