Re: [NTLK] Before The Newton Community Fades

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Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 12:58:07 PDT

Subject: Re: [NTLK] Before The Newton Community Fades
From: Martin Joseph <martyNT () barknaturalpet ! com>
Date: 2005-06-30 5:19:01

> I guess we will eventually die off, but that is the only way
> I see this group "fading"

Possibly... Looking at the good interest in ebooks recently by both old
hands and n00bs and judging from the regularity with which titles get
released for the Newton in a timely manner through the library, as far
bookish Newtonians are concerned we're rather fading into brilliance.

As far as other things go... On one hand no ingenious hacks coming from
Spain in the last 12 months (busy live, I reckon -- but I'd love to see
new hacks e.g. on GPS Map's data, such as reports generated from mission
data... Or Newton Midi-Karaoke! ;=] )...
        And still no NOS-to-OSX synching via Bluetooth (nag nag nag)...
        But then I 'xpect a wild flurry of interest after Einstein actually
hits the first off-the-shelf current PDA (which will be out of budget
many Newtonians for quite a while, but probably draws some high-enders,
breaking-edgers, first-adopters and other bullshitters back into the

Only thing we could use: Better PR (paging World Newton Assoc.!). If
are important new releases, all Newton-friendly media and editors
should be
informed. Even if they don't run the news, might be they pass it on to a
friend or check it out themselves.


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