Re: [NTLK] eMate and 2100 confusion

From: Peter H. Coffin (
Date: Wed Mar 02 2005 - 11:35:04 PST

On Wed, Mar 02, 2005 at 11:59:13AM -0600, Thomas A Isenbarger wrote:
> I have recently moved and discovered that my 2100 and eMate AC power
> supplies look very similarly. Are they interchangeable? One says
> "Newton Power Supply" (or something close to that, maybe also says 9V)
> and the other says something non-intuitive. Do I need always to check
> the back description before plugging one in to my Newt or eMate, or can
> I use either supply with either machine?

Yes. Either adapter will work with either machine. Only the 9W charger
will quick-charge the 2100, though. The small adapter will work to
charge the 2100, but it'll take a couple hours to do it.

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