[NTLK] Pb with IRDA tranfer

From: jeromevernet_at_pastis.dyndns.org
Date: Mon Mar 07 2005 - 13:12:16 PST



I'm using DIL Tester to transfer packages to my 2100 with IRDA. It was
working previously very well.
I recently swap (thanks to Frank) my German ROM for an US ROM. And now,
IRDA transfers aren't working....

I have an PowerBook Walstreet under MacOs 9.2.
I put the Mac in 'Connect state' with DIL Tester, then put the Newton
behind, and tap 'Connect' in the Dock app. The Mac start the connexion,
the Dock App windows change on the Newton side, but stay blank, and
nothing else will appears. The DIL Tester App seems to be dead, and the
dock too... I wait for 5 minutes....
I then need to reset the Newton and the Mac.

Trying to reset various way the Newton (Hard reset too !).

I try to send and receive from the 2100 to another newton, it's
working. I check the configuration, seems to be ok on both side,

Please help, it was working so well 'til now....

Another question: I had install -but not registered yet-the WaveLan
WiFi package, some weeks ago, before swapping the ROM. When I try to
use the package from the backup I made before swapping, it's not
working.... I have an -48something error. Is it normal ?

So, for the moment, no more connexion tools to my 2100 :(.



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