[NTLK] Wanted: Drivers / firmware for Orinoco Bronze Turbo

From: Frank Gruendel (newtontalk_at_pda-soft.de)
Date: Mon Mar 07 2005 - 17:45:05 PST

Hi all,

as of today I am the not-so-proud owner of 15 brand-new
Orinoco Bronze Turbo WLAN cards. I got them to check them
with my hardware setup and offer them for little money to NewtonTalkers.
However, they do not work with the Newton (yet). I then installed
the Windows 98 drivers that came on a floppy disk with them
on my old laptop in order to check if
the cards work at all, but I can't get a connection. This might be
because the firmware and driver are too old, who knows. Or maybe
my router is too new. Who knows.
I just spent the better part of 6 hours getting this to work,
much of which was spent on locating a current firmware version
and drivers for Windows 98. True to form, I didn't find anything.
Why is it that I always spend hours in the web without success when
others locate all info within nanoseconds??
If anybody out there has an idea where to get a current driver
and firmware update for a Lucent / Orinoco Bronze Turbo card
that can be run from Windows 98, I'd be very thankful for a
I planned to spend this night on preparing Clare's Newton.
Instead, I've wasted 6 hours. Argh! Why oh why am I doing
this? I must be insane. Did I mention that all I had to do
to install Mac OSX and my airport card was replace CD #1 with
CD #2? After that, I was online, and I've never had to
even mention the word TCP/IP, let alone understand what
it is. Why am I doing this to myself?

End of rant. Going to bed. The job that pays the rent
will start in four hours.

Thanks, and sorry


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