From: L A G (lagoff11_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Mar 08 2005 - 12:35:28 PST

TO MAKE a long story short (REPLY OFFLIST)
1 cracked screen on 2100ump
2 tried to replace screen with backup 2kmp and all i got was a well lit blank screen
3 tried to put back original 2kmp into case and got no response at all.
4 pulled out brand new, wrapped in bubblewrap, 2nd backup 2k just so i could have my newt again.
5 wished i had my 2100 so i could put in both of my cards like normal( aaarrrrggghhh)
would like to have 2100 ump/mp for the 2 motherboards and all included message pads parts. all parts are there. if i knew how to fix the 2100 i would do so but i think i may have damaged the board in the initial removal of the board (a small tiny part came off from somewhere...may be nothing but then again...) the 2k mobo was working fine before i removed it from casing also but i am sure it is working still. i could just buy another 2100 from j&k but i figured the parts and boards could go to someone on the list and i could get a newt in the process.
i am in ny. neither of the 2 mp had screen doors. screen and body in great condition except for the screen that was cracked. sum wear and tear on my daily mp. any questions or comments feel free to reply to me offlist. tyvm
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