Re: [NTLK] New Apple Palmtop Mac? vs ematae

From: Ryan Kabir (
Date: Wed Mar 09 2005 - 18:54:58 PST

Well, I guess maybe that the rumors cause such a stir. I guess this is
part of the reason we might never hear Jobs say that the new iMiracle
is the upgraded Newton. I guess if anything, he might go ahead and say
that it is *isn't* a sequel to a Newton, just to defuse that hype. (I
doubt he'd be successful)

There's so much stigma loaded into it, that if it fails, it would be a
huge negative PR sink. Just think of any sucky overhyped movie or game
- it's been made much worse by such high expectations from people. I
doubt Apple will ever again allow anything it produces to become the
second coming of sorts, unless everything is nailed down tight, and
firm. Just think of all the bad press regarding the Newton recognizer.
It's good from a user stand-point, and it's awesome from knowing just
how hard the problem of recognition is. But the biggest anti-Newton
press element was the recognizer. Because we write on paper already -
it's hard to argue to the average user that they should learn a less
messy way of writing. The same user doesn't see a problem in learning
how to type on a QWERTY keyboard - because the keyboard is a new way of
doing things. It's not Apple's fault! (well the Newton *was* pricey...)

At the same time, I think the new hype is not necessarily from the
die-hard Newton core, but in popular press, and amongst common
observers. Considering how the PDA market has been faring in business
press - I wouldn't be surprised if Apple was the company to rekindle
interest - purely on the basis of the Newton hype engine, coupled with
the iPod's success.

When they first released the iPod's feature to sync with iCal and
Address Book - who *didn't* think of a future PDA version...

The interest might not be pure market demand - but I think it's there,
even outside this list :)


On Mar 9, 2005, at 8:35 PM, Brian Pearce wrote:

>> You would think with all the interest that Steve would finally get it.
>> But, I guess the surging stock price is enough for him to be happy.
> Just what constitutes "all the interest"? That rumor sites like to fall
> back on this sort of phantom product again and again?
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