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From: Peter H. Coffin (
Date: Thu Mar 10 2005 - 08:59:52 PST

On Thu, Mar 10, 2005 at 11:40:19AM -0500, Bret Feinblatt wrote:
> Just wondering - does anyone know if there are any sort of interesting
> attachable pieces of hardware for the Newt? Either commercially
> available or clever gadgets Newton lovers have figured out how to make?
> I was just thinking about how easy it would be to hook up this or that
> item to the 2x00's main port, provided someone made this stuff, or at
> least made adapters to hook it up. I'm thinking GPS, or other little
> sensors and gadgets.
> Hey, these things are about the size of Spock's tricorder anyway, might
> as well give them some of the abilities...

Not to discourage your enthusiasm, the challenge you're likely to find
is finding the connectors to attach to the interconnect port. There's a
Molex connector that's *almost* right discussed here:

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