[NTLK] Want to trade or sell: External SCSI Zip with 55 Disks

From: Frank Gruendel (fg2_at_pda-soft.de)
Date: Mon Mar 14 2005 - 16:24:43 PST

Hi all,

I have decided that I'll try to live without my Zip
drive. It is an external SCSI drive that has seen
very little use since I only used it for backups that
I always make much too rarely. Even the protective foil
on the window through which you can look at the cartridge
is still on said window.
This is a perfect device for storing Newton backups,
especially if your desktop does not yet have a CD

It comes with 55 Zip disks, all of which I have
low level formatted and tested. 33 of the disks come
with the original plastic protective case, 22 come
without a case. I removed stickers that were much written
on and thoroughly removed all remainders of glue.

You can connect the drive through the standard 50 pin
SCSI cable (included) to all Macs that do have SCSI.

There is also a PC SCSI controller included, which
I used until yesterday for connecting it to my PC.
This isn't a PCI controller, but what was state of
the art before PCI (don't recall the name at the moment).=20

It also comes with the original AC adapter.

I'm asking 49 Euros plus shipping to anywhere in the
world. This is less than a buck per cartridge, and you'll
get the drive for free.
Shipping is only what I pay at the post office.

I am interested in a small flat screen monitor or a
drive that can burn DVDs, if you have something like
that lying around and are interested in a trade.
If you have anything else that you think could be
traded, why not make an offer...

You can have a look at everything here:


or here:


Thanks for reading


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