Re: [NTLK] Removing cards when powered down

From: Frank Gruendel (
Date: Tue Mar 15 2005 - 08:45:18 PST

> really? so every time you power off your
> newton, you replace any network cards with
> memory cards or blanks?

Not necessarily. Whether this will help preserving
the battery depends of course of the cards' current
consumption. You can find it out by installing
NewtTest (available in the software section of
your's truly's site (see signature)), starting
it, selecting "Battery" and check the discharge
current with and without the card installed. If you
see a significant difference, you might want to
remove the card after powering off.
I am not absolutely sure if I am talking nonsense
here, since I dimly remember that the Newton will
shut the PCMCIA slots' power supply off on
powerdown. If this is true, and if the
Newton REALLY does what it is expected of him and
always does it, leaving the cards in shouldn't make
a difference.


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