[NTLK] (OT) Datarover

From: Richard Clark (mawgadog_at_tin.it)
Date: Wed Mar 16 2005 - 11:07:50 PST

Hello list, just wanted to let you guys know how my ebay purchase of a
datarover went. I'm not sure if the dates are exact because it has been
a few months and all traces of my purchase have vanished from Ebay I
was under the mistaken impression that they auctions were kept for 90
days and it turns out it was only 60. On December 23,2004 i used the
buy it now to purchase a new Datarover from Hiddentreasure4u or
something like that, I sent payment immediately via paypal , and was
contacted that i needed to add more for shipping which i did instantly
via paypal, after about a week i sent an email asking if the unit had
been sent so i could have an idea when it would arrive, i was informed
that they were sorry but hadn't sent it out yet but would do it the
same day. I also contacted another person that is on this list that
bought one from them and they said it arrived like described (brand
new). So i figured all was well and i sat back and waited considering
this package was coming from the States to Italy I knew on rare
occasions it could take quite a while. Since i have lived in Italy i
have received about 120 packages from the States via regular surface
mail and the longest wait was 1month 16 days, but packages usually
arrive within 2 weeks. Well it is now March 16, 2005 and the package
never arrived, I did contact the seller a 2 times during the wait and
they said to be patient it was coming, after the 60 days were up the
item was no longer in my ebay so i couldn't even leave feedback, I
tried to contact the seller after the item was no longer on Ebay but of
course the seller never replied.

I have no idea if the package was sent and lost or stolen in the mail
or if it wasn't sent at all (in fact my feedback would have stated
package not received most likely lost in mail) but what really pisses
me off is that the seller would not reply to my emails. Anyway just a
heads up to everyone on my experience with this particular ebayer.


Richard Clark
NPDS: http://mawgadogsnewt.homeip.net:8088

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