[NTLK] Irda package install: new software

From: jeromevernet_at_pastis.dyndns.org
Date: Wed Mar 16 2005 - 13:32:55 PST


For those who have a infrared equiped Macintosh under MacOs 9 (such as
PowerBook G3 Walstreet, early iMac), and have problems, like me, to
make Newton DIL Tester Thomas Tempelmann's software working under your
config, I wrote last Sunday a new app that let transfer package from a
Macintosh to a Newton 2x00, using IrDA.

I 've started from Thomas's works, using his IR Plugin, but I've
removed all I don't need just to send packages.

You will find this app here:

It's free, sources are included, you can change and improve -it need to
be ;)-, but send me your changes.


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