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From: Apostolos Koutropoulos (
Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 10:13:10 PST

Well, Here is something to make the list smaller: TDMA is dead :)
SO this leaves CDMA, GSM, and iDEN (Nextel)
TO further weed out the list, the FCC is charging nextel to move its
spectrum because the PPT function is seriously interfering with public
safety channels, furthermore, the proposed merger is kinda like the kiss of
death. Motorola has been focusing more and more on CDMA and GSM and there
doesn't seem to be an iDEN evolution roadmap that I can find. If this isn't
enough, there are NO smartphones on iDEN, so I doubt that there will be any
in the future (and ALL phones on iDEN are motorola, so if moto doesn't make
it, it wont be on iDEN).

SO this just leaves CDMA (running in the USA, Korea, Japan, China, Australia
and some other places) and GSM/UMTS (running all over the world).
 Japan is moving toward being the same step as the rest of the world now.
FOMA is being migrate to UMTS with HSPDA which is compatible with the
mainstream UMTMS. The only difference with japanese CDMA is that the send
and receive frequencies are reversed (but with software this can be changed)

Covering CDMA & GSM is possible. Samsung and Motorola have created Dual mode
CDMA/GSM phones (CDMA 800/1900 for usa, korea and so on, and GSM 900/1800
for the rest of the world).
If you just want a GSM handset, quadband phones are becoming more
mainstream, so one handset can be marketed globally.

I do agreee that it is risky going into business by themselves, maybe they
can do what HTC did :)

On 3/17/05 12:38 PM, "Ed Kummel" <> wrote:

> There is an inherrant problem with the "ultimate
> phone"
> In the United States there are just too many phone
> systems that are incompatible. Yet each offers
> something that the other doesn't.
> For me, I use the Nextel system. I love the
> Push-to-talk feature that other carriers just haven't
> been able to duplicate (even though Verizon stole the
> service from Nextel...long story)
> The downside with my carrier is the lack of "modern"
> phones.
> So, if someone were to manufacture the
> "perfect/ultimate phone", which service will they make
> it for? CDMA? TDMA? GSM? Nextel? That cellular service
> in Japan? And if they do make it for the American
> market, which service will it be offered on? There
> have to be at least 5 incompatible services...
> And covering all services just isn't possible...there
> will always be one or two left out. And then there's
> the competition from the existing juggernauts of the
> cellular industry...It would be a very risky move to
> attempt to compete with the likes of Motorola and
> Nokia...unless they liscense their "ultimate" idea to
> one of the existing vendors...which we know Apple
> certainly doesn't like doing.
> Ed
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