Re: [NTLK] reading Newton memory cards on a computer

From: John Royston (
Date: Fri Mar 18 2005 - 16:31:28 PST

I curently use a windows based program to back up memory cards for my
SBC's (linux) at work It is a "ghost" image program that copy's the
PCMCIA CF flashs data to harddrive as an image and you can copy it
back. It is a bootable floppy that will run on any x86 processor it
needs an attached harddrive or partition formatted to fat32 to save
data. I can email you the PRG that creates the bootable floppy if
anyone wants to try it. I didnt think about tring this before I read
these posts and my Newton Is currently at home so I'll try it in a
week or so when i get back home.

John Royston

> You need a software & hardware. A PCMCIA reader/writer - the one
> mentioned was a Internal Card IIRC.
> Yes
> It was a Windows program mentioned ..... I searched high and low and
> still couldn't fine the thread..
> Hopefully someone ;) will chime in on this or a thread will be linked
> for you to read...

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