[NTLK] DNS issue (I think!)

From: Konstantinos Theofilis (theofilis_at_macland.gr)
Date: Sun Mar 20 2005 - 15:06:18 PST

Hi list

As my drainage problem continues (I have to buy a new set of batteries
to test the current with NewtTest, I am using my Newt as a desktop
machine :-D. Well, actually for quick note-taking while I am working on
my mac.

Anyway here is my story. My network setup is :

Cable modem-->WiFi Router.

Until now I used my newt for RSS feeds. Today i tried to actually open
the links from the RSS feeds. It could not find the url.

So, either with DHCP, or with manual IP, it can find urls when I use
Raissa, but not when I use Courier, or Simple Mail :-(

Well, in fact in Courier, there is a weird behaviour. If I start
Courier, click on "start browsing" then open a url, it finds the url,
if I try to open a new url, it doesn't connect.

I suppose I have to find the DNS servers of my ISP, but still I have
not managed to do so (with nslookup I got some IP's but they are not

Any ideas?Or anyone that knows the DNS servers of Telewest Broadband
(blueyonder.co.uk domain) ??

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