Re: [NTLK] Adaptor for eMate

From: Dan (
Date: Sun Mar 21 2004 - 11:28:41 PST

> Ive put 12V into my newtons a few times, and they just switch off right
> away, and they seem quite happy with an input of upto 9V, and they charge a
> darn sight quicker too.

SHEESH! Well I would not keep doing it, you got LUCKY! If you keep
that up eventually you will kill your Newt plain an simple.

Read here on Power Adapters:

And here:

In short the power stats for the original MP2x00 (9W) adapter is 7.5V
1.2A. Doing any more than that is risking your Newts life. Also if you
get a simple "Radio Shack" adapter, yes it might say the proper power
output on the package, however many of them are NOT regulated. And
without a regulated supply the power and spike over the stats and fry
your Newt. Many devices can handle this spiking...BUT a Newt can't.

Don't risk it, get a original power adapter and be safe. Besides it
will be cheaper than getting a GOOD REGULATED supply from Radio Shack or
other electronics suppler.

BTW- I really suggest reading the above links, they will shine more
light on the subject than what I have posted.


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