Re: [NTLK] HWR Problem (Jaggies?)

From: Don V. Zahniser (
Date: Thu Mar 24 2005 - 06:11:18 PST

Thanks for the description, Ed!

So what I am seeing does not appear to be the jaggies. Anybody have any
idea what is going on with my MP2100?

To further clarify, when the HWR engages to recognize the text _and_ I am
printing a word at the same time, the words that I have printed since the
last HWR recognition are covered with 'ink-blots' until the HWR is done,
then they revert to the normal font. It doesn't seem to happen if the HWR
engages while the stylus is off the screen.

I am wondering - in my search for a linear regression application, I had
installed the various Powerset calculators from Sarofax, including the
Formulas application/stationery. Although I have since removed it, could
this have somehow messed up the HWR engine?

 - Don

> The jaggies are evidenced by the digital ink not
> tracking with the stylus in a pseudo-random manner.
> The way this manifests its self is that you can be
> writing on the screen, happy as you please, then in
> the middle of forming a letter, and without you
> removing the stylus from the screen, the digital ink
> will suddenly and disasterously jump to some other
> random part of the screen and continue doing this
> until what you wrote resembles the jagged tracing of
> electrical arcs in a Van-Degraff machine. Needless to
> say, the resulting digital ink is unrecognizable by
> you or the recognizer software.

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