Re: [NTLK] landscape books 130's

From: Dan (
Date: Thu Mar 24 2005 - 21:03:48 PST

Benedek Gergely wrote:
> Does anyone know how to make newtonbooks in landscape mode or even multiple
> modes in Newton press?
> Or will i have to use NewtsCape to do either?
> Ben
Landscape with NewtonPress is easy. Just go into preferences and change
the format. The book should repagenate and you can build a book at that
point with the new size without havening to redo the entire book. I
always recamend saving before do you so however, Press can be buggy at
times and you don't want to end up having to redo a entire book again
because a error occurred in your source file (rare but it happens on

As for multiple screen sizes (modes) that is being worked on. I have
been close but hit a few roadblocks. I managed to have several
selections of screen sizes but either the actual text didn't change
(just the Bookreader window size) or the pages didn't display properly
and some text was missing every few pages. I have been busy as of late
and have not had a chance to work on that project further.

I covered most everything in the Bookmaking Tutorial I wrote and it is
on UNNA. You might want to take a look. When I get a chance to work on
the multi-format Newtonbook project further, I will update the tutorial.


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