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From: RAParker (RAParker_at_Quadzilla.NET)
Date: Fri Mar 25 2005 - 02:40:13 PST

On Thursday, March 24, 2005, at 08:11 PM, John Charlton wrote:

> That said, I'm a fan of paper for general reading, but wish there were
> more reference texts in nBook format for having with you at all times.

Yep...I'm working on some of those. US Army Field Manuals: Map Reading
& Navigation, First-Aid, Survival, maybe more. Complete with
illustrations! And what a Herculean task it is...

My biggest complaint: How Newton Press (for the Mac) will keep crashing
(randomly) right when I paste .bmp into the Newton Book source. Crashes
even more often when pasting .pict's. Sometimes allowing me to save,
sometimes not. Never-the-less a pain in the ars and not a dependable or
fun way to build an un-corrupted ebook.

I made it through my first one, Map Reading & Navigation. 868 (Newton)
pages with 179 illustrations and extensive use of linking. But...some
of the pictures are a no-show (blank).

I'm now reformatting a new (clean) version and I'm going to try to
create it using the Windows version of Newton Press. Any hope for a bug
fix from Apple? (uh...that's a rhetorical question need to
answer that)


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