[NTLK] Tablet in OS X and gestures

From: Michael Wittmann (mwittmann_at_maine.edu)
Date: Sun Mar 27 2005 - 14:01:38 PST


I had a question based on your fascinating comment:

> I use everyday a Wacom tablet for HWR on OSX.
> I can write and sketch. It works just the same as on the MessagePad.

Are you saying that you can highlight a word and "slash" upward to make
it all CAPS? Can you put the V under disconnected words to bring them
together? Can you highlight and drag to the edge to put things on the
clipboard? The last two are totally indispensable gestures (among many -
 scratching out being the third) that make the Newton OS different from
all other platforms. I doubt you can correct a miswritten letter by
writing over it, like on the Newton, because you can't see the letters
on the Wacom. So how much of the Newton OS are you using? If it's just
the HWR, that's a huge deal, but I'm curious about the rest.


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