Re: [NTLK] (OT) Tablet in OS X and gestures

From: Daniel Jagendorf (
Date: Mon Mar 28 2005 - 23:49:20 PST
Wacom serial tablet driver.
It doesn't support adb pads yet, and I wasn't able to find the driver
Adriano's using (the iMate driver alone doesn't seem to do anything for
my adb Intuos 1 tablet).

Still, I'm writing this on my Artz ll 12 x18 Serial tablet Which I
thought I'd never be able to Use again

Perhaps you Can tell I'm having Som e difficulty especially With
Punctuation and Capitals - not so newtlike - and the size factOr -
Imagine the holster for this Combo ( period)

nonetheless the return of an old and expensive friend

Dan Jagendorf

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