Re: [NTLK] [NLTK] Cults and other fun topics

From: Russ Bravo (
Date: Wed Mar 30 2005 - 07:29:59 PST

Well, I work for a Christian publishing and church resources company in
the UK, *and* my office is stuffed full of Newtons, Macs and associated

Whether that means I'm hedging my bets or just a Christian with a cool
eye for sharp technology ... you decide :)

Russ, UK

Confession time - my Newton collection:

OMP, 110, 120, 130, 2000U, 2000 DVT, 2100, eMate
(+ Sharp ExpertPad, Motorola Marco, DataRover 840)

They're not idols, mind - great creations.
But no match for the Creator.
(epilogue ends here)

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