Re: [NTLK] [OT] Apple Tablet Mac prototype from the duo era

From: John (
Date: Thu Mar 31 2005 - 02:00:58 PST

James Nichols wrote:
> Okay - apparently some lucky poster over at has several
> clear plastic apple prototypes and what appears to be a mac-tablet
> based on the Duo line of subnotebooks apple produced back in the 90's:
> The guy claims that it's HWR was based on the Newton, and that it was
> "faster" because it started out with roughly 150k words and ran on an
> 68040 making it faster than the newtons. Well, the 68040s in that era
> ranged from what, 25mhz to 66mhz? I highly doubt that this thing would
> outperform a mp2x00 machine for HWR speed.
> I can't honestly tell if this thing is real or not - we have no shots
> of it running, and the hardware looks a bit rough around the edges -
> but this would have to be a nice photoshop job or a custom molded set
> of plastics slapped onto the bottom half of a duo in order to be this
> smooth of a fake. Thoughts?

Kinda sounds like the WALT to me. I believe it was based on the Duo. Old


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