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From: keith (
Date: Thu Mar 31 2005 - 06:34:16 PST

>I am researching about the Nokia Digital Pen.


>1)Does it work with Mac OS X (THe closest I found was a HOW TO for
>working with linux, so I imagine the answer to this is probably yes) ?

I don't know anything specific about this product, but hey! Why let
that stop me? (I do know a bit about Macs, so I'll answer from that
position instead. :-)

First of all, I'm afraid that Linux support is no indication of OS X
support. Sorry! It'll be a driver thing.

>2)I know it sends the info as text file to the computer. But I read
>that it can be processed with a (windows compatible) hwr software.
>Anyone knows if there is a way to use it with Inkwell (OS X's
>intergrated hwr )?

Inkwell takes pen movement input (mouse-style signals) and interprets
the letter shapes that you make. It has nothing to do with anything
else, so actual text output from such a device would be more like
keyboard emulation than anything else. Howver, if it can behave as a
mouse in any way then there is a distinct possibility that it can
work with Inkwell.


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