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Date: Thu Mar 31 2005 - 09:53:35 PST

From: nelson

I guess i am in the cult to, the last pc that got broght home ( a garage
find) my wife thought i might like it. well within a few minute i had
screen saver saying it wished it was a macintosh...... it died a few

        ---> Ah man that is funny. I think I remember doing that to a
few old PC's as well.

 Several old macs, and newton collection is growing.

        --> Wow!

John Stairs wrote:

> Being an Amiga and Newton fan (not to mention a die-hard Apple user)
> must make me quite the cultist.

    ---> To me the Macintosh world is so in step with most recent media
and applications that it is not that big a challenge to be a Macintosh
user. Actually to me the Macintosh is sadly the computer that I use
while I am trying to get more unique computers running. When the hard
drives, or something flakes out on the unique computers, I go back to
the Mac.
        In my case, a Mac user since 1988, tried a Atari TT030 during
1999 till the local phone company changed the PPP setup without telling
anyone and unfortunately the Dialup program for hitting the internet
wouldn't configure after that and I worked with the phone company a
month to get it working again. Man that was fun... got mail,
newsgroups, was tinkering with media, surfing the web fairly well.
Sigh... So back to Mac.
        Then in 2001 my IT position wanted me to have an IBM-type at
home. (I refer to ALL computers as PC (Personal computers) but I refer
to IBM-types as BM's... err... Business machines.) ;) That worked ok
till the bios flat out died one day. Really needed the computer that
day and it just up and dies without warning. "Damn computer! It ate
everything!! Damn piece of crappy crap!!" >Ahem!< Tried to get a
second motherboard working (warrenty replacement), but was too pissed
off to do the hours of work to get it configured right. Also tired of
all the anti-virus upkeeping I'd had to do. Back to Mac.
        In 2002 I tried setting up a Newton 2000 as my desktop computer.
:) Worked pretty good for a few months, but running a VGA monitor and
Ethernet card and only having 4 meg of storage to work with when the two
card slots was a bit of a stretch. (Used a Atari 1040 STE as my serial
keyboard. Actually wanted to modify a headstart explorer as a docking
station for the Newton... a fun time...) The internet surfing finally
after a while got to me. Back to Mac.
        In 2003 I picked up an Amiga and joined a local user group that
is still around. Got an Amiga 3000 going with OS 3.9, was hopping with
DSL, and all kinds of fun, then when I was really liking it and believed
I had found my useful and yet unique computer, then the hard drive died.
And the second one died soon after. Back to Mac.
        In 2004 I added a IDE interface, a PC as another virtual hard
drive, and a Ethernet adaptor to my Atari 800, along with a few other
things. I'm having fun with it, but this time I am running a Mac along
side. ;)

        I am not a cultist, I am a tinker, and in truth, I run a
computer, like a Newton as a desktop, to be different. I have set up
most of the retired computers that served me well in the past on a group
of shelves in the computer room as place of honor, but that is mainly
for a conversation piece.

        I like what I find useful, and I use what requires less
maintenance and up keep. Macs & Newtons fit that. The Atari 800 is
there because it is fun to be a user a 1979 computer in 2005. :D And
surfing the internet, albeit text, at that. ;) (I call my Atari 800
my "Mini-Amiga" since Jay Miner created the 800 & Amiga.)
        (I greatly admire the Amiga, glad I tried it, probably never
consider it as a serious machine ever again... damn hard drive eating
finiky piece of... AHEM... the Amiga is the standard I compare any
surviving unique platform on. Having had an Amiga, I can see why they
like them, and admire them for keeping them running this long... dispite
the Amiga.) :)

        Tinkerer, Hobbyist, not cultist. I love computers as a hobby
second only to God and family, but I will retire a platform when it has
pissed me off enough. I stick with what works, try things on the side
in the search for more unique and possibly better. I've landed with
Mac, Newt, and Atari 800 at this point.
        Doc Clu 800

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