Re: [NTLK] Screen polish?

From: Scott Clitheroe <>
Date: Sat Apr 01 2006 - 01:15:13 EST

I always like looking at this page: , when I feel
like worrying about my screen.

Reminds me of when I bought my guitar, the guy at the shop said to take
it home, put it on the sofa, and lightly toss my keys onto it. That
way, the inevitable first scratch was over with, and I could stop
worrying about it :)


Dan wrote:
>> I'd really like to avoid scratching up my screen any more, and it
>> seems like the regular stylus manages to find any speck of dust,
>> however small, with the inevitable result. And the other styluses
>> (stylii?) seem to work better on that score.
> Not really because as you said it, it is inevitable, no matter the
> stylus. Sure some are better than others, but eventually you will get
> scratches. So the only way to keep your screen from getting scratched
> it to use a screen cover like Nushield. Then when you get scratches you
> can just replace the cover.
> -Dan

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