[NTLK] Stuck pixels?

From: James Wages <james_at_kiramek.com>
Date: Sun Apr 02 2006 - 21:02:16 EDT

I have a Newton 2100 (upgraded from a 2000). I've noticed that there is a
broken line of pixels that are "stuck." They are by no means "dead" because
I can restart my Newton (which fills the screen with pixels, and there is
not one dead pixel. I can also move windows or objects around over that
section of the screen and this pixels work fine until I release that object
I'm moving. Then if I rotate the screen, there are stuck pixels in another
section of the screen that weren't stuck in the other rotation! Doesn't
make any sense.

Has anyone encountered this problem before and know of a fix?

Thank you,

James Wages

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