Re: [NTLK] Another use for a NewtPod.

From: Adriano <>
Date: Tue Apr 04 2006 - 12:58:26 EDT

Dear Jon,

many thanks for asking, cause you are giving me the chance to report some news.
[I am often afraid of bothering the list with [ANN] and [FS] subjects,
so i just quietly keep on working on new products...]

2006/3/31, Jon Scordia <>:

> Anyway, I bought a Griffen iFM (iPod remote and FM radio combined) quite cheaply on holiday.
> It occured to me that with a NewtPod I can power the radio from my Newton. I dont know whether the iFM will pass through Newton audio if it's set to 'remote' though for MadMAX use. Probably will. A nice wee accessory to have in the Newton kit bag for those hour long train commutes between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

I do not own a Griffin iFM, so i couldn't make a test and report sure infos
about its compatibility, but i think that connecting an iFM to the MessagePad
through NewtPod AP one should be able to store fm audio in
newton-format really easily.

Advanced features like 'one-tap recording' would need software support,
and Daniels' NewtTunes already have (alpha quality) support for it.

Apart from the iFm, i think that one of the perfect iPod-for-Newton accessory
would be the iTrip LCD. No software will be needed to set the best frequency,
so one would just need a NewtPod AP to transmit audio from Newton to any radio.

> This post is probably just an excuse to ask Adriano how he's getting on with bringing his latest creations to the market!

I will share some anticipations:

During last weeks i had to delay production for NewtPod LE and AP
(plus all the new gadgets) cause i have been tired of manufacturing
using polyethylene.

After having tested plexi and steel, decided to work on aluminum based

Prototypes are now smaller and the metal shines.

Aluminum based NewtUSB, NewtPod AP and NewtCast are almost ready.

Photos and guides will be published on the new website.
When the site will be online, the items will be ready to ship.
It's just a matter of days.

I am also going to put online X4 public initiatives
with the strong hope to see the community grow.

> Just a thought.
> Cheers
> Jon.
> --

Thanks again Jon for your interest!

Kind regards,


'Green is better'

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