Re: [NTLK] MP1x0 audio jack - questions & answers

From: Adriano <>
Date: Tue Apr 04 2006 - 20:14:33 EDT

22/mar/06 15:56 Victor Rehorst wrote:

> Adriano wrote:
>> Q (me): The point is that i don't know how can i play audio files on
>> MP130? It accepts audio transfers via IrDA, but then call the
>> received files
>> "Soundpapers" and ask for a stationery which i have never heard
>> about... Have you
>> got any idea?
>> A (you):
> Well, I don't think that the 130 will play sound files from a 2.1
> Newton,
> because all 2.1 Newtons have much better sound hardware.
> Your 2100 will record sound in 16bit, 22KHz mono using a GSM or
> other codec.
> The codec is selected in the Recording section of Prefs.
> Your 130 will only play sound in 8bit, 11KHz mono, and has no idea
> about GSM
> or other codecs.

Tried to record from a MP2100 to a card at lowest levels, then
inserted the card in a MP130
and it just doesn't recognize what type of notes are the audio ones.

On the same card i had MidiX installed, so the Notes app showed the
"New Midi" icon available in menu....

Playing midi files would be a completely different, but amazing
experience on a MP130,
so i will try this way and report back asap.


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