Re: [NTLK] Origami developments?

From: Marcus Hammerschmitt <>
Date: Wed Apr 05 2006 - 03:16:39 EDT

At 19:48 04.04.2006, you wrote:
>Has anyone seen any positive, hopeful, Newton-related experiments or
>developments yet using the Ultramobile PC (Origami)?

Reckoning what I found while writing an article about Origami/UMPC (German only link)

there's not too much hope for the platform in its entirety. It's got a strange
smell about it - the smell of a marketing probe, to be precise:

Talking features, I'd say they are in trouble. Price may range from "500 to 1000 $",
2 - 3 hours of battery time, *no instant-on*, and grave doubts about this thing
getting to run Windows Vista. If I was a product manager for this, I'd be losing
sleep big time. But of course I could be totally wrong, Origami might be the next
big thing and everyone's going to own two the minute after rollout.

Of course I couldn't keep myself from comparing Origami-hype 2006

with Newton hype 1993




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