Re: [NTLK] Newton "collapse" and ensuing despair

From: Ed Kummel <>
Date: Fri Apr 07 2006 - 14:53:43 EDT

One of the things I noticed when traveling with my Newt by plane is that there is constant vibration of the airplane that the Newton definatly doesn't like! It starts at the x-ray machine where the newton is bounced along the rollers, then when it hits the belt, invariably the x-ray technician doesn't recognize the Newt, so it is moved back and forth several times, jarring each time...Then the stashing under the seat and invariably kicked...and then the vibration of the airplane for the next 5-7 hours non-stop! This can take it's toll against an innocent newt!
  Weird things can happen to the newt under these circumstances.
  I found that in my case, the tension of the battery contact was too weak to make a proper contact (plus the constant vibration broke a lead on my newton speed up...that sucked)
  In your case, I believe that the issue may be a little more insidious. the hint being that the Newt asks to delete all data...
  This may have something to do with the reset button.
  It may be that the bouncing and jarring of travel has caused your reset button to become "jammed" in the pressed in position. Turning on the newt causes the newt to think you want to reset the Newt...which happens when you push in the reset button during a power on....I would check that first.
  Make sure that the reset button can move when pushed...if not, you may need to remove the back of the newt and reseat the reset button...
  Other than that, I don't konw what the problem could be.
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Christian Joli <> wrote:
  A Frenchman travelling in the US, I have my 2100 which was exposed to X-rays
and which is now asking me upon start whether I want to erase all data or
not -- and goes blank after my "no".
I am staying in Mountaintop, PA (approx. 150 miles from Philadelphia) for
the day and shall be visiting North Carolina, Washington, DC, Philadelphia
and NYC over a 3 week period.
Could you advise me on whom to contact for a restore?
Thanks in advance,

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