Re: [NTLK] once more: ethernet, basilisk, os x

From: Andrew Diller <>
Date: Mon Apr 10 2006 - 19:41:29 EDT

It sounds like you need to manually configure TCP/IP.

I'm assuming that you are behind a firewall device, and using a NATed
network, something like 192.168.X.X- if you are not, then ignore the
rest of this message.

On your OSX machine, start the Terminal app.

If you are using wired ethernet on OSX enter this:

$:~ ifconfig en0

Use en1 for Airport. Write down the values for inet, netmask and broadcast.

then type:

$:~ netstat -rn | grep default

and write down the the 2nd field that is printed out- it should be an
IP address that is in the same range as your inet address above.

To get an IP for basilik, look at your broadcast. If it ends in .255,
then you can pick a IP in the high range, less than 255 to use. For
instance, say that:

inet -->
broadcast -->

on your OSX,

Then I would use something like this for MacTCP:

IP - (i just picked 244)

For the gateway, use the same value you got for the netstat command in Terminal.

Then you'll also want to put in some nameservers.

Use whatever nameservers your ISP as previously assigned to you.

Then try and ping the IP address of your OSX machine.


> When using MacTCP, I have no IP address. My desktop G4 on which I am
> running Basilisk is on DHCP.

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