Re: [NTLK] How to transfer entire soup to PC/Mac

From: Thomas Tempelmann <>
Date: Thu Apr 13 2006 - 08:59:34 EDT

On 4/13/06, Daniel Padilla <> wrote:
> It's going to be like a modern soup browser, the UI is based in the
> columns view of the macOSX finder, that will allow the user to send the
> soups, entries, etc in several formats like text, csv or xml using different
> routes like email, NPDS pages, bluetooth, etc.

I did try that once as well. I based my work on talking to the Dock on
the Newton, and used Apple's DIL code on the Mac / Windows. Problem is
that the DIL appears to be buggy, so I never got it working stable.

I then tried to adopt the DCL, but it's so incomplete that I gave up
there after a while as well.

> I'm planning to define a set of commands so that a desktop program can
> access its function via a bluetooth serial connection, to read and write
> data. I will surely need some help with the desktop application. Maybe
> Thomas can help here.

Which Thomas? You're not meaning me, do you? :)

How do you plan to implement the Newton side? Are you going to write a
Newton app that fetches a soup and then packs it into a large binary
object which can be routed, or do you want to connect to a desktop
application? In the latter case, do you know how to use the standard
i/o functionality so that the user can then choose whether to use
serial, tcp/ip or whatever?


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