[NTLK] blunt: no OBEX port

From: Michael C. Wittmann <mwittmann_at_maine.edu>
Date: Thu Apr 13 2006 - 09:47:40 EDT

Greetings, all,

I just received the Pico card from Italy (Thank you, Adriano!) and
have been installing the necessary pieces, based on what is on the
Wiki. It's a bit more work than expected, but I have successfully
sent a text file from my desktop to my Newton. It worked! Yay!

I am not getting "OBEX Push" as an option on my OBEX Port, though.

My setup is:

PowerBook G4 12", bluetooth turned on, discoverable
Newton with Pico Card driver, Speed of 230400 tested successfully, in
the correct PC Card slot.

Bluetooth is paired between the two machines (I needed setup 0.7.7
for this, 0.7.6 constantly restarted on me). As I said, I was able to
receive a text file.

Modem Port: "Serial Port (3)"

OBEX Port: "None available"

Packages installed on the internal store:
Blunt 0.7.7
Neo 0.9.4
NIENitroBlunt 0.2.4
NIE Modem & Serial Module
NIE Nitro & Blunt Module

It LOOKS like I have everything as described in the Wiki, and I HAVE
been able to receive a text file in my inbox. But, what I'd really
like to do is to send text files out. I get a -48205 error and a
-8007 error when I route a note to OBEX.

Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!


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