Re: [NTLK] blunt: no OBEX port

From: Thomas Tempelmann <>
Date: Thu Apr 13 2006 - 14:45:55 EDT

On 4/13/06, Michael C. Wittmann <> wrote:
> I turned on "Bluetooth file transfer" and suddenly got the option of
> "OBEX File Transfer (15)" in the Bluetooth Setup. Excellent.

I wonder where you got the idea from to enable "Bluetooth File
Transfer"? The page at clearly
states to use "Bluetooth File Exchange"?

> Now, though, when I try to transfer a file, I get a series of errors.
> First, it tries to find a receiver, and it prepares to send. A short
> view of the "page" being sent (where the sent amount gets shown as
> the page getting darker from the top down) comes up, but then "whoop"
> and I have:
> OBEX Protocol error: 401

First, whenever you got an error, remove and replace the card to reset
that BT functionality.

Second, for me both Push(10) and File Exchange(15) work when I take a
_small_ text note from Notes and send that to my Mac. I have OS X
10.4.6 running.


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