Re: [NTLK] State of the NewtSync

From: Thomas Tempelmann <>
Date: Thu Apr 13 2006 - 14:56:20 EDT

On 4/13/06, Steven Frank <> wrote:

> 2. How many people would use NewtSync, but can't because of some type
> of problem?

I would use it if it would work. While very old versions used to work
mostly, newer versions did abort usually with some data conversion
error in the middle of it.

I had even paid for the original version back then, but it never
worked well enough to really use it.

> 3. What plugins are you using / would you use?

Mostly Address.

> 4. What would be your preferred connection method for NewtSync?
> (serial, TCP/IP, etc)

TCP mostly. BT (even over serial) would be fine as well.

> 5. How many of you are using pre-Panther systems? (Universal
> Binaries require 10.3.9 or higher)

I got Tiger.

> It's one thing to make a few bug fixes for myself, but another to
> take on responsibility for the whole project.

Please just fix the bugs you see and release that version promptly,
liked to in the wiki. If you need public server storage, I might help.
Perhaps Victor can, as well (on

> Another option would be to merge bits of it into NewTen, so it would
> become both a package installer and basic syncing. If I did that, I
> would probably jettison the plugin-based architecture, and merge the
> plugins into the app, as I feel the plugins add a lot of complexity
> without much actual benefit. (How many people in the world are
> qualified to / interested in developing NewtSync plugins?)

The plugin arch is nice, but anyone who can write plugins could as
well just take the full source and add it in there. It's not as if
we're too many cooks to have this get out of control that way.

> Also, I
> may have to support serial connections only, at first, if I took that
> route.

Fine with me. It should be possible to even use BT as a serial tunnel.
I wonder if anyone has ever made a IP tunnel as well for the Newton?


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