Re: [NTLK] State of the NewtSync

From: Morgan Aldridge <>
Date: Thu Apr 13 2006 - 18:03:00 EDT


I don't want you to get stuck with this project (I'm eying toying
with DCL a little, but I'm sure NewtSync would be an easier start),
but I would definitely use an updated NewtSync.

Here are my answers to your questions.

1 & 2. I don't actively use it because it doesn't really work for me
(not a single sync will complete). I'd definitely use it regularly
3. I'd primarily use the Address Book, iCal, and Notes sync, but RSS
and ToDo's (if it could sync with NewtToDo) would be ones I'd use as
4. TCP/IP and BlueTooth (guess that qualifies as serial), TCP/IP
being the preferred.
5. I'm running Tiger on all my machines and most machines that can
run Mac OS X at all can (and probably should) run Panther, so I don't
really see a reason to support Jaguar and earlier.

I'd hesitate ripping out the plug-in architecture. I've already
mentioned one plug-in (NewtToDo ToDos) that I'd be willing to work on
if needed, but a Bookmark sync plug-in for Courier would be nice. I'm
sure others can think of plenty more.

I'll download the code and see what I think of it, maybe it's worth
my jumping on this as well (rather than DCL at the moment, although I
do prefer it for installing packages).


Morgan Aldridge

On Apr 13, 2006, at 2:08 PM, Steven Frank wrote:
> I guess before I take this too much further, I'm curious:
> 1. How many people are actively using NewtSync?
> 2. How many people would use NewtSync, but can't because of some type
> of problem?
> 3. What plugins are you using / would you use?
> 4. What would be your preferred connection method for NewtSync?
> (serial, TCP/IP, etc)
> 5. How many of you are using pre-Panther systems?  (Universal
> Binaries require 10.3.9 or higher)
> It's one thing to make a few bug fixes for myself, but another to
> take on responsibility for the whole project.  Again, I can't commit
> to any particular time investment, but I do have some interest in at
> least getting it to work for me over a serial connection, and would
> be willing to share those updates with NTLKers.
> Another option would be to merge bits of it into NewTen, so it would
> become both a package installer and basic syncing.  If I did that, I
> would probably jettison the plugin-based architecture, and merge the
> plugins into the app, as I feel the plugins add a lot of complexity
> without much actual benefit.  (How many people in the world are
> qualified to / interested in developing NewtSync plugins?)  Also, I
> may have to support serial connections only, at first, if I took that
> route.  It would still be dependent on having the NewtSync package
> installed on the Newton side.
> Kinda just thinking out loud here, so feel free to think back at me.
> Steven
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