Re: [NTLK] finding nicks softcharge problems

From: Marcus Hammerschmitt <>
Date: Fri Apr 14 2006 - 04:56:59 EDT

At 03:28 14.04.2006, you wrote:
>I have stuffit expander installed already. when I expand the file one file comes out of it what do I do with that? sorry about asking for a step by step process! how should I open the file after expanding packtype or is there supposed to be more coming out of the zip file? I really appreciate the help!

I think I haven't been too helpful so far. Retracing the process I recommended I ended
up with a file called "packtype", lacking a file extension, therefore unrecognizable to WinXP.
I tentatively renamed it "packtype.exe" which seems to have been a step in the right
direction, but XP stopped the execution of the soft telling me it incorporates unvalid commands.
I've seen this happen with other software which worked on previous Windows-systems, so I think
this might have been a solution once. Not any more.

Nonetheless you're only one step away from success. What you really need is a small utility
called "strip.exe", which can be found here:

Please virus check this, I haven't done so. Put this somewhere in a subdirectory where your
other Newton stuff already resides. Put the packages you want to prepare for download on
the Newt in that same subdirectory. Double click on strip.exe. You should see a list of the
packages processed (will happen pretty fast on a modern machine). Shut down strip.exe.
Your packages should be ready for transfer to the Newt.

Hope that helps.



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